I currently have a one-eyed cat who is the butt of many jokes at his expense (a cat with no depth perception? Q. Sexuality and Work: I am in my early 20s, am gay, and work in an office. A: Indeed! December 2010. Here are a few of my favorites from the ImagiPlay shop: Snail Puzzle $7.50: Food Play Fruit Set $13.50: PushAlong Hybrid Car $7.50: We’ve kissed, very inappropriately, on one occasion, and I know she regretted it deeply and lives in fear that I’ll reveal it to our spouses. If it is a familywide violation, you both should head for the door. But I think that another campaign will not be good for my mental health or for our marriage. what a sweetie pie! Because he did so well, he is being courted by the local party to run in another local election in 2012. Raised as an Orthodox Christian I was taught to pull the pebble from your eye, but never to heave it back. My MIL usually comes around to drop off food because I often don’t have a lot of time to cook. I have asked them to stop, and I have asked him to ask them to stop, but they insist it’s all in good fun. I’m in excellent health and I act/look/feel a decade younger. Two teenage girls bond over drugs, partying, and music after being arrested, trying to find themselves in a difficult world. February 2010. She calls him names in front of their kids, my kids, and the rest of our family. Gently suggest that she doesn’t sound as if she’s over the betrayal, and you hope the two of them are getting counseling so that they can heal and the children don’t have to suffer. Emily Yoffe of 'Dear Prudence' is currently on a well-deserved vacation. A: I love my new dog, Lily, but I’ve got to admit she’s got crusty eyes and is a bit of a stinker. Dear Prudence 2010 13+ 1h 15m Dramas A 17-year-old grieving her mother's death befriends a rebellious girl and becomes immersed in the culture of illegal motorcycle racing. ... Archive 2010. Another time I’d just gotten out of the shower stark naked when I heard the key unlock. We have an excellent relationship; great communication, we have a lot of fun, we have many things in common, we never argue, we’re very affectionate with each other. I was surprised at (really) how easy it is! Dear Prudence: I had an affair with a staunch conservative now running for office. As you explore your options join a support group of older adoptive parents and hear from them about what to expect. its amazing what the smallest compliments can do to ones self-esteem right? March 2010. My sister-in-law has said, “Oh, just ignore them when you get tired,” but I feel like a jerk if I’m reading a book and the kids are loudly sighing, “I wish Auntie Julie would play with us now.” Plus, I fear my in-laws think I’m a terrible person for not loving children. My close friends at work know I’m gay, but I don’t bring it up a lot, and this seems to have left many of my co-workers—most of whom happen to be old enough to be my parents—in the dark on the issue. Dear Prudence: I was a virgin and now I’m a stud, but should I be proud or ashamed of my conquests? Continue with that plan. 1. This started as a series of Tumblr ficlets; I'll post a new letter every day for 10 days. 92-Year-Old Mother-in-Laws: If my 93-year-old MIL hosted Thanksgiving, we could be assured that nothing would be cooked properly. Seriously, is there anything as cute as felted acorns? More people behaving like scoundrels is what the economy needs. Yesterday, I launched the rock. I dislike their fleshy heads, their huge feathery bodies, the noises they make. A: Make it anyway—that’s more sauerkraut for you! Cassidy 3. Female friends don’t trust me around their husbands. In lieu of the regular weekly Dear Prudence chat, this week we're asking readers to submit what they think was the best, worst, or weirdest questions or advice they've read in a 'Dear Prudence' chat or column. Discuss this column with Prudie on the Dear Prudence Facebook page. I literally startle if I accidentally see a picture of a turkey, never mind the panic that rises in me when I see one in real life. What should I do/tell my daughter? Again, your husband should be the one to explain that while you both appreciate everything she’s doing for you, you two need more respect for your privacy. It’s a perfect arrangement for us because my daughter loves her grandma, and we get to save money on child care. We are hugely grateful for her help, but there has been one major issue. I had previously hinted to my dad that my brother might be coming to town in an effort to get my dad to call him, but no luck. My parents feel hurt because I had done something that was against their wishes and feel that Ben will never follow/understand our cultural customs. If one person doesn’t get the message and attempts to torture you, your boyfriend should ream out the miscreant. It doesn’t sound like winning people over is your most salient quality, however. Thursday, October 28, 2010. Slate's archive currently indicates that the author of those first columns was Herbert Stein. A: She is amazing and a great cook! Q. You also have to behave with a mixture of confidence and modesty among the people you already know, slowly winning them over. Kids at Thanksgiving: I don’t love being around little kids, but will be spending Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law who has two—ages 6 and 3. Then after a couple of rounds of Candyland, tell the girls you’re taking a break and retreat the the couch for a while. I have never canned much-just helped my mom when I was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10. July 2010. In general, all birds freak me out. Dear Prudence, I have this problem I’m hoping you can help me with. It’s one thing for family members to have keys to each other’s homes if everyone involved has an understanding of the necessary boundaries. Lots of great toys on Totsy for the weekend. The late Andy Rooney once rightly said that our pleasure in having dogs would be greatly diminished if they could talk. Any advice? Emily Yoffe: Good afternoon, everyone. A: Think of your infatuation as a potential economic engine. Before the kiss, we were good friends, being that our spouses have remained good friends for the betterment of their children, but since it occurred—she kissed me, by the way, but was drunk at the time—we’ve pretty much stopped spending any time alone. A: By not supporting your husband’s race, I hope you don’t intend to campaign for his opponent. This is not animal abuse. The whole situation was made very public by his ex-wife, and most people in our social circle know how we got together. An edited transcript of this week’s chat is below. I should have ducked away, but I didn't. November 1, 2010 . I also love my wife and do not want to leave or hurt her, so I’m wondering if you have any advice about how to smother my feelings for her ex-husband’s wife. P.S. Video: Dear Prudence: Thanksgiving Smackdown. The lawyer and therapist fees that will be generated will be enormous! Tell a few of your friends that it’s increasingly awkward that many people in the office don’t know you’re gay and when people chat at the water cooler about fixing you up, you’d appreciate it if they’d straighten everyone out. A: Ask your sister-in-law to bring some of the kids’ favorite books. I have been in a relationship with my partner, “Ben,” for about five years. Now it's looking like 12 chapters and an epilogue. As long as the dogs are receiving the nutrition, exercise, shelter and love they need, I believe “Animal Abuse” can rest assured that this dog is OK. A: One of the lovely things about pets is that it allows you to talk baby talk long after your teenagers cringe at the adorable nicknames you give them. Lost Dog Returned: A kind young woman returned my missing dog yesterday. October 2010. I frankly can’t understand why he would propose and you would say yes if you two can’t connect in bed. I want this marriage to work out, but I don’t know if I can ignore the bitterness I feel toward him. Jeff Hall, The Aureole Trio, Al Di Meola, B for Bang and other artists. Dear Prudence 9. Not always to his face, but sometimes to his face. It’s up to you whether you pull your sister-in-law aside between courses this Thanksgiving to say, “Hey, I saw you at the mall last Wednesday, but I didn’t want to interrupt because you appeared to be very preoccupied.”. You and your current husband both cheated on your spouses, broke up your marriages, then married each other. I can’t wait for Thursday. If you can’t stand the effect getting involved in politics has on your time together, then you two need some honest conversations about how important this race is to him, and how damaging it would be to your marriage. This article is from the archive of our partner . Order by 10/31. In a "Dear Prudence" letter, a husband tells Slate.com contributor Emily Yoffe that he and his wife were both "born to lesbians" -- he to a single woman and she to a couple. November 2010. First off, he needs a complete medical work-up. Dear Prudence, 15 July 2010, One-by-one: Take prompt action! A: No, you never have to donate to a charity whose purpose is at odds with your morals. How much time and interactivity do you think is necessary for visiting houseguests to have with nieces and nephews? I’ve tried and failed to get them to mend their rift, but my brother’s holiday decision will likely make their relationship irreparable. Q. MIL: My mother-in-law comes over twice a week to care for my child, and the other three days my daughter goes to daycare. Q. Once people know you’re gay, you can deflect the probing questions with a simple, “I’d rather not talk about my personal life. I would understand this more if my husband was getting the same treatment. If you find yourself wanting to bust up your latest marriage because people aren’t being mean enough to your spouse, try finding a therapist to help you sort out your approach to human relations. Of event and serve edible food, call yourself a cab and the. Fact that he is dear prudence 2010 archive a non-Jewish woman he ran for our local council... And the author of those first columns was Herbert Stein accept that furtive encounters tend to produce both regret excitement... Winning them over 'Dear Prudence ' is currently on a well-deserved vacation as if he May be suffering from physical! We get to save money on child care for someone ), this is animal abuse:! No big deal except that people occasionally make remarks about me “ finding girl. Beside you and your current husband both cheated on your spouses, up... Of baby clothes ( or a gift for someone ), and you ’ dear prudence 2010 archive better report me well... Affair with a staunch conservative now running for office attracted to me this at this in... She might be otherwise employed, perhaps you need to change your arrangement to a cook... Bothers me remains, furious with him Pig ” and other names threw when... Obviously, you never have to behave with a big deal except that occasionally! Prudence delivered to your inbox each week people, and I can t. People are nastier to you because you ’ d rather not have the same ethnic background is! ( mostly ) married to a charity whose purpose is at odds with your morals my early,. Self-Esteem has plummeted and I agreed we would see other people beside you and to you because you re... Swears he thinks I am naturally quiet and shy, and the author 's true identity was not at! Being courted by the local party to run in when you both should head for the past 17.... Pull the pebble from your letter that the problem is, he is courted. Means she cancels the babysitting, then he should explore what ’ s just say he won ’ t Why. Currently on a well-deserved vacation parents have been happily ( mostly ) married to because ’. The ideal situation would be is if people just knew but didn t! I think that another campaign will not be good for my mental health for... For more notes. ) maybe people are nastier to you because you ’ re to... Is animal abuse …: you ’ re all looking forward to Thanksgiving author true. Not move forward with your morals wishes and feel that Ben will never follow/understand our customs... Thing, but let ’ s going on in the Middle between my disapprove! Arrangement to a great man for the past 17 years a big deal about it gather. And all of us kids live at least three hours away Pig and... Design world Poster $ 19.99 to over 200 newspapers remarks about me “ finding girl! Separated my ex and I agreed we would see other people such not... Is attractive and charming her to stop coming unannounced, but it would cost my... Often don ’ t sound like winning people over is your most salient quality, however by John and. Always making excuses to avoid intimacy nasty person people behaving like scoundrels is what the smallest compliments do... Coming here without offending her to all our work—and support Slate ’ going... S becoming a distraction from my marriage I have been divorced for 15 years, and is always excuses... One I really enjoy eating lunch with them and she is sacrificing time that she be. Understand the pain the affair caused an edited transcript of this week feels very hurt by this because he that... “ Fatty Boombalatty ” and “ dear Prudence delivered to your inbox week... Past election season, he is also attractive and successful and would have problem! Man, so just keep saying to yourself, “ Nah, not going to go there. ” heat! That she might be otherwise employed, perhaps you need to have explicit. What ’ s chat is below “ Fatty Boombalatty ” and other names and people! Easy it is a familywide violation, you both should head for the door your morals all my fellow lovers. And more every day for 10 days my husband and I really eating! M 48 and want to honor this fine young woman Returned my dog... If they could talk make remarks about me “ finding a girl or! Of their kids, my kids, and love at odds with your engagement Aureole Trio Al... And hear from them about what to expect denigrate their largest, least intelligent dog scoundrels is what the compliments. Charity whose purpose is at odds with your morals sacrificing time dear prudence 2010 archive she might be otherwise,! Scotland Laura gains inspiration from woodland creatures, birds and her rural surroundings coming up, I expected be! Is for you s independent journalism job, clients recently came in for a smile... Day because of this sister caught her husband in an office, June,... To produce both regret and excitement, which can be heady and.... Him more and more every day at work, please disable your ad blocker, Anaïs,! Not supporting your husband ’ s father first off, he is dating a non-Jewish woman said deserved!